About FHS

There is a group of Hong Kong people recording the natural history, researching animals’ behaviour, exploring the wild, working for animal welfare on the front line. It is my pleasure to play a little part in wildlife photography and filming.

I have been a wildlife photographer since high school. Though Hong Kong is well-known as the concrete jungle with a myriad of skyscrapers, here, I will show you the opposite side of Hong Kong.

When I was young,

I was a keen little biologist. I had my first wildlife photography experience in 2008. Most of my photos were taken in Hong Kong with my father, although I also went overseas and captured peculiar species.

At the present stage,

After finishing my honours degree in Biology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, I'm working as a freelancer to produce wildlife-related visual contents. Collaboration with clients and self-directing projects are both ongoing.

For you,

Perspectives matters to all sorts of visual content like films and stills. My extensive experience in habitat from the open water and intertidal zone to woodland and flowing stream shape my perspectives. Through my lens, my passion is to raise awareness among the public that we should respect our natural world. Then we would know how to get along with our lovely planet. So I do various types of video/photography from underwater to aerial. And if you have any conservation or expedition projects, don't hesitate to email me to get more information.


Fung Hon Shing, Ken ~ wildfhs@gmail.com